• Editor’s Introduction

    pdficon2David Howden
    Saint Louis University – Madrid Campus
    Email: dhowden@slu.edu


    On November 6-7, 2015, Mises Canada hosted the 4th annual International Conference of Prices & Markets. With the University of Toronto providing the venue, scholars from across Canada and the University States were joined by visitors from the United Kingdom, Germany and Spain for the two-day event.

    In total 21 presenters convened to discuss economic and political theory. The eight sessions specifically dealt with microeconomics, methodology, political theory, investments, macroeconomics, monetary economics, libertarianism, and finally, current events in financial markets. The depth in terms of quality of presentations as well as the number of attendees (around 75) was a marked improvement over 2014.

    This Papers & Proceedings gives the reader the opportunity to get a taste of the ideas discussed over these two days. While these articles do a good job at spreading the ideas that defined the conference, there is no substitute for being physically present, as several attendees and presenters noted to me afterwards.