• Editor’s Introduction

    pdficon2David Howden
    Saint Louis University – Madrid Campus
    Email: dhowden@slu.edu

    On November 7-8, 2014, the Ludwig von Mises Institute of Canada hosted the 3rd annual International Conference of Prices & Markets (formerly the Toronto Austrian Scholar’s Conference). The event took place at the University of Toronto, and held an opening reception the evening before. Participants came from around the globe, including the Austrian, Germany and the United Kingdom.

    Doug French got the event rolling with a powerful speech entitled “Austrian Sin and Malinvesting in Las Vegas.” The crisis that erupted six short years ago didn’t just have economic repercussions, as French made clear. Humiliation and despair abounded, suicides skyrocketed, and families were destroyed. The speech underscored that while economics might be value-free, the implications are far from it.

    Eight separate sessions allowed the 24 presenters ample opportunities to test out their new theories. Attendees were also afforded the possibility to ask questions and mingle with the presenters. Topics covered the range from theory to history, with a special session set up for documentarian Jimmy Morrison to unveil his newest film “The Bubble Film.”

    This Papers and Proceedings allows the reader unable to attend to get a glimpse of the ideas conveyed over the course of the two-day event. While these pages lack the warmth and camaraderie of the event, they do give the interested reader a feeling for the type breadth and depth of scholarship covered in two short days. This year´s event will be held once again at the University of Toronto on the 6-7 of November. I hope to see you all there.