• Papers & Proceedings of the 2nd Annual Toronto Austrian Scholars Conference


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    Editor’s Introduction
    by David Howden

    Psyche and Praxis: Extended Cognition and the Austrian School
    by Alexander J. Malt

    Implications of Hayek´s and Coase´s Market Process Perspectives for Canadian Supply
    Managed Agriculture
    by Predrag Rajsic and Glenn Fox

    The Law of Increasing Return to Scale, Decreasing Average Cost Function and Negatively Sloped Supply Curve
    by Xiaolin Zhong

    Mises’ Critique of the Social Democratic Welfare State
    by George Bragues

    Intractable Justice in the Compensation For Taking of Property
    by John Brätland

    An Austrian Fantasy: Higher Education
    by William J. Corcoran

    The Non-Relevance of a Right to Food
    by Grahame Booker

    The Rise and Fall of Iceland
    by David Howden